Hey! You can call me Mr. Candyman. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I am 34 years young and a father of two. I live in one of the Baltic countries. If you decide one day to travel there – drop me a line and I will share travel-worthy places.

Stock trading is something I have tried in the past. Unfortunately, I can not brag about high returns and I do not own a magic strategy. I decided to get back on the horse. I will start small and I hope I will get better in time. Once again – this is a blank page for me.

I am a realistic person. I do not expect to become financially independent and retire in the next 5 years (although this would make me very happy). I think it is important to live life fully and not sacrifice years to live better later.

The main purpose of the blog is to become better at blogging, meet like-minded people, and hopefully get better at cracking financial markets. Also, the blog will serve as a diary – it will help me to study my own mistakes and avoid future bumps. Having in mind the COVID19 situation in the world right now, this project will allow me to keep my sanity in place. Hopefully.

I promise to share portfolio updates, some thoughts on picking or selling stocks, and other topics I might find interesting to share. I encourage you to participate in discussions and share your point of view.

Mr. Candyman